“Our boys consider BIS their second home, where the teachers are not just their mentors but their friends as well.”

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Mrs. Minnie L. del Rosario

Mom of Chino (Level 10), Monty (Level 8) and Santi (Level 3)

“I was given a chance to gain confidence by getting out of my comfort zone, to develop a deeper understanding of different cultures…”

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Nadine Jamila

BIS Valedictorian, Batch 2009

“This is a place of order and a venue for training students to be morally upright. This is very important for the students’ emotional & social well-being”

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Mrs. Chona Mendiola Nadar

Mom of Alyanna Rae (Level 8)

“There are no simple words to describe the English Month except for one, LOVE.”

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Edward Dazo

Level 10 Student

“It has instilled in me the value of true friendship and camaraderie…”

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2Lt. Carlo Jose Cabrera, RN, PA (Res)

BIS Valedictorian, Batch 2006

“BIS taught me so much about life lessons, something you can never learn at home…”

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Clark Oliver Daniel Bautista

BIS Basketball Varsity Captain, Batch 2008

“Discipline. That is one of the most important things I’ve learned in high school.”

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Daniel Velasco

BIS Basketball Varsity Captain, Batch 2010

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